October Theme: Compassionate Attention

As women, we give so much of ourselves - providing for our families, giving emotional support to our communities and lifting others up daily. ‘Giving’ gives us a wealth of happiness and self-worth. While it’s important to give, it’s also important that our compassion for others doesn’t make us neglect ourselves.

When we are so focused on others, many times we forget to focus on what we need in terms of our health, our overall emotional well being and our aspirations and dreams.

October is a time when seasons change and nature begins to hibernate. Now, we can take a cue from nature as it settles within, and venture within ourselves to take a self-assessment.

Sit on a rock, listen to the wind, feel the brisk air and reflect who you are at your essence, what are your desires, your needs and what is working and isn’t working in your life? Just sit and be with yourself.

Give a gift to your soul - give yourself attention.