November Theme: Immense Possibility

What is beyond restrictions? What’s beyond the safe path, the one that you know you can achieve? What’s beyond the place that you know will be a stretch but it’s where you will find the greatest joy - and it’s completely right just for you? Write it down - what’s your immense possibility?

Cheryl Strayed in her poignant, raw book Tiny Beautiful Things, advises to a young woman,

We are here to build the house. It’s our work, our job, the most important gig of all: to make a place that belongs to us, a structure composed of our own moral code. Not the code that only echoes imposed cultural values, but the one that tells us on a visceral level what to do.

It’s time to build your OWN house - one that is unique to you. And - it takes work, sweat, frustration, commitment and discomfort. In order to build our unique house, we need to go through these layers and tests. So, what’s your immense possibility that you are going to achieve? Are you going to climb a mountain, sit by a rock in silence, ride the divide, speak your voice, stand up for your beliefs, be an engaged parent, start a new passion, or maybe follow your heart and find the type of love that gives you goosebumps?

We’re here to build the house.