Our partners provide in-kind or financial support so that we can offer free or affordable programs as well as gear to the Howl Often® community.

We partner with organizations who make proven earth conscious decisions within their business practices and actively rally for women. 

We are extremely grateful for their support and generosity. 


ZEAL Optics 

Based in Boulder, Colorado, ZEAL Optics is your companion for summer and winter adventures from the peaks of the Rockies to sandy coasts skirting far flung isles.  Our plant-based sunglasses let you experience the outdoor vistas that inspire us all in amazing color, clarity, and contrast, all while reducing your impact on the environment through our removal of petroleum from our frames and Ellume Polarized lenses.

 ZEAL Optics is proud to partner with Howl Often to inspire women to get outside and #ExploreMore. At ZEAL, we pride ourselves on supporting outdoor women’s groups such as Howl Often, Camber Outdoors, She Jumps, She Shoots and more. With a full line of unisex and female-specific plant-based, polarized shades, we look forward to enhancing your view of the world #ThroughOurLenses — wherever the trail takes you.


With a new spin on traditional merino wool sock construction, point6 is leading the way in the evolution of the merino wool movement. Point6 is a family owned and operated business out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado and they just happen to make top of the line socks that are 100% wool. On top of having guaranteed for life socks that are made in the USA, Point6 goes out of their way to be as ethical and environmentally sustainable as possible. For example, they source all of their wool from a family owned farm in New Zealand from happy, ethically raised sheep and don't use the industry standard Superwashing (a very chlorine/chemical-heavy process). Point6 socks keep your feet comfortable and dry in even the most extreme conditions so that you can concentrate on your mission and get home safe. We build a line of merino wool socks that are as tough and durable as the men and women who wear them.


Outdoorly offers insider discounts on outdoor clothing and gear for those who are influential in the outdoor industry. The goal is to reward pros and leaders with easier accessibility through strict user verification, partnerships with unique brands and a user-friendly interface.

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