Monthly Theme

August Theme: Experience the Unseen

When we are exploring in nature, or just living our daily lives, so much of what we process is what we see. Yet when we open up our innate sensing, we can feel and experience so much more. I know this seems like voodoo non-sense so just keep with me for a little, it's worth it! 

When you meet someone, sometimes you may have a strong feeling about them - this is your sensing working. You may feel that the person exemplifies goodness and love or oppositely you get a strong feeling that you need to keep your distance. When you sense this, you are reacting to the energy or mass of that person. This is not thought-driven, meaning your brain does not say hey, i saw that this person is warm and loving, it's ok to open up. This is your sensing input kicking in. Just as your sight, smell, and hearing are inputs for your surroundings, you have a sensing screen that once activated can guide you through situations, and feel the environments you explore.

To activate it, start being aware of what you sense not what thoughts you are having. To do this, go on a hike in nature, and whenever you have a thought, recognize it and then let it go. Slowly your thoughts will go away and your mind will be still. Now, from your sacrum to the top of your head (bottom to top), focus your breath moving up for the inhale and for the exhale focus on the feeling you get when in nature coming into your body. Over time, you will build up your sensing screen and start to feel your natural surroundings - the mountains, sky, rocks, water. After a hike, you usually feel better than the start. Now you can sense why - you will sense the calming impact of nature in a greater proportion. 

When you are struggling with a person or situation, instead of thinking about it, sense it. Do the same exercise, balancing your body from the sacrum to the top of your head while you breathe and listen to what you sense on the subject you have a question about.

Experience the unseen.