December Theme: Wild Peace

Skiing amid lanky wind-blown conifers, blue skies and tunnels of snow, my fears, thoughts questioning my sanity and concentration on a shaky ski technique faded. I stopped, looked up in the horizon out into the snow-capped peaks and felt completely and totally at peace.

I wish the English language had a word for the feeling of pure peace felt in nature. It’s lightness, it’s being completely present in the moment, it’s feeling free, it’s feeling like nothing else matters, it’s feeling in tune with the trees, the sky and the mountains. So, I guess I’ll use two words to describe this feeling - wild peace.

Once you’ve felt wild peace, you’ll get the itch to get a hit again and again. I’ve never gotten tired of wild peace. It’s what brings me back to stripped down self, devoid of what-ifs, shoulds and forward and back thoughts. I only get it in the wild.