April Theme: Renewing Rituals

Now that we have practiced setting boundaries, it’s time to renew your rituals! This April proves to be a good time to reflect and build upon what we already have started rather than focusing on new endeavors and projects. It’s a time to cultivate rituals that sustain and support us in our growth.

During the time of Aries it’s easy to become impatient and head-strong, so we need even more internal awareness to slow down a little and trust in our process. It’s all too easy to scatter this influx of energy unwisely, where we become at risk of feeling tired instead of rejuvenated. Renewing a daily yoga practice, taking advantage of longer daylight hours by spending time outdoors, learning new recipes and journaling are all positive ways to apply the new energy we might be feeling. Mercury is also in retrograde until the 15th, so reflecting on the goals we set for ourselves months ago will be more helpful rather than leaping ahead with big decisions.

It is also a good time to contemplate the practical sides of life so we can set ourselves up for success later on, especially once Mercury falls direct on the 15th where we will also have a new moon in the sign of Aries. During the few days of the new moon cycle we will be inspired to shine our truth to the world, which is why our rituals play a critical role this month.

Harness your internal energy by bringing awareness back to previous goals and aspirations. Remember why they were important to you. What steps have you already made to get there? Where might you have fallen off track? Write down ways you can begin again and make realistic steps to get there. It’s not a time to be hard on yourself for goals that were set aside, just remember to start where you are. Now is the perfect time to pick up where you left off! By the end of the month you’ll feel clear and energized in your decision making, which will exude a new confidence that comes from within yourself rather than through external validation.