January Theme: The Wolf Moon, How Will You Howl

(Art Painting from the Talented Claudia Art Studio in Bellingham, WA)

The wolf moon blesses us with its magic the first night of 2018. It’s a rare opportunity that the full moon of the lunar calendar syncs with our 12-month calendar. In addition to it being a full moon, it's also a supermoon; this is when the moon's elliptical orbit is closest to Earth and therefore looks much bigger than a typical full moon. 

It is thought that the Native Americans’ named the full moon on the first day of the year, the wolf moon, since wolves howl in the depths of the winter nights - in January and February - protecting their packs and their turf.

Wolves can teach us much. They are intelligent and strategic. They are committed to social packs - yet at times separate from their pack to walk on their own. They persevere with grit to get through the hard winters and feed their young.

On the first month of this year, let’s follow lessons wolves teach us, let’s explore ourselves to sense how we want to howl this year.

How do you want to BE?

What can you do to build up who you truly are?

How can you keep a sense of wonder each day?

How can you remain calm during intensity?

How do you want others to think about you?

Write these questions down in a line on ½ the page. Now across from each question, write your answers.

This will be your daily living guide for 2018.

Howl Often.