Wild Wisdom with Misty Leiter

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Misty Leiter founded The Flowered Life - a handmade, organic and cruelty-free wellness company after studying sustainable principals in permaculture, interning at an apothecary and taking an herbal course to further her knowledge of the medicinal properties of plants. Her recipes are inspired around leaving a lighter footprint on this beautiful planet we live on. Learn about her entrepreneurship journey and what keeps her inspired in our interview below.

What propelled you into becoming a business owner? 

I have always thought I would be a business owner. I loved the idea of running my own company.  When I was in 8th grade I thought it would be a surf or skate shop near the coast. As I grew older that dream faded due to me realizing I wanted something a bit more mobile. After interning at an apothecary at the age of 25, the idea sparked for me to start my own company in the natural products world. I had been in the retail industry for awhile so this felt like the right move. Shortly after, I became a yoga instructor which has pushed me into learning how to offer services on top of my physical products.

With nature as your teacher, what has been your toughest lesson?

Plants and animals do no compare themselves. The tree doesn't wish to be a wolf just like the wolf doesn't wish to be the bear. I am not meant to be like any other organism. I am on my own path.

When do you feel the most grounded, and connected with yourself?

After I do yoga, camp, or go on a trip. These things connect me to myself and the greater picture.

What were your top fears you pushed beyond when you ventured into entrepreneurship?

I had (and still have) to truly believe that I have something to offer for people and people will want to spend money backing a person or a company that has honest values and a great product.  Another hoop I had to jump through was being open to reaching out and asking for help. I did not go to school for business, marketing or production management so when I come to a wall, I have to get out there and see who I can find who is willing to share their wisdom. I have discovered that I am now able to share things with people just starting out. It feels good to pay it forward.

What would a 'perfect day' look like for you?

Warm weather, possibly being by an ocean, sunshine on my skin, yoga, meditation, working in a garden, laughter, heartfelt conversations, amazing food, and a walk through the woods. My ideal day has me connected to myself, others, and nature. I would be filled with creativity, joy, and purpose.

What is your biggest piece of advice for other women looking to turn their passions into a business of their own?

I can't just pick one but my first is - Put self care closer to the top of the list. I have found it to be really hard to remember that I need to take days off and have quiet time away from my devices. I've gone weeks without taking a full day to recover many many times. It's a shift I am still working on. 

My second is to form a business that is in alignment with your values. The more you can work from a place of service and constantly check in with your "Why?" the easier doing spreadsheets and tedious tasks will be. Owning a business can be rewarding but when you are just starting out, not everything you do is going to be something you are passionate about. 

Number three is to celebrate your little wins. Don't forget how exciting it is to make that first sale or teach your first workshop!

What does 'howl often' mean to you?

#howloften is my reminder to consistently show up as my most authentic self, to celebrate the little things and to reconnect with the natural world on a daily basis. 

Photography by Taylor Powers