July Theme: Harness Your Power

Harnessing your power is the power of self-acceptance. Part of self-acceptance is realizing when we need to reevaluate what no longer serves our growth. Now, when it’s the peak of our warm, summer months in the Northern Hemisphere is the perfect time to powerfully accept yourself - and more deeply explore your current patterns and relationships.

This process may stir some things up for you, and influence your interactions and reactions to be more emotionally charged, but recognizing when it’s time to move forward will only fuel your authentic power.

This shifted mindset may have you feeling more open, in which you are able to more fully share your vulnerability with your community and loved ones, reflecting a deep need for true intimacy and connection.

All of this energy leads up to a beautiful full moon and a total lunar eclipse on July 27th, which will help propel you into a state of heightened awareness of potential flaws in your current relationships, as well as within your group activities, and generally, your attitude toward others. And while there is so much emotional energy buzzing around these areas, it’s best to remain focused on the goals we have originally set for ourselves, and to recognize the powerful connection of a community at large that supports our endeavors.  

This sense of renewal and connection may shed light on a piece of your life, or perhaps a relationship that no longer serves your authentic power… but in order to start a new chapter, something else must end. What is it that you can let go of to begin anew?