Through the Howl Often® community, we aim to connect and inspire women to Howl, to tune into their intuitive nature and follow their passions. Get to know four incredible artists who each submitted designs in the 2017 Howl Often artist contest. These beautiful works were produced on our first ever limited edition Howl Often hats and posters.


Joanna Elizabeth Read

These past few years, I’ve really allowed myself to open up to the vibrancy that lies in stepping into the unfamiliar, which, to me, is the essence of Howl Often. From rock climbing to dancing, surfing, slack-lining, and scuba diving, there’s no end to what inspires and feeds my soul. And helping others tap into and rediscover the creative and courageous parts of themselves brings me such deep fulfillment.


Kelsey Van Raay

My name is Kelsey Van Raay and I was born in small town Chatham Ontario. I currently live in Calgary, Alberta which I have called home now for 3.5 years. I have been creating art ever since I could pick up a pencil. My creativity stems from a long line of talent trickled down from my relatives, but my travel experience along with the support of family and friends have allowed for that passion to grow. I was born to do art and have found my most successful times in my art career have been when I am faced with
challenging or defining moments.


Jennie Wainer

In today’s culture, we think that the constant addition of things like money, success, a promotion, or a fairytale romance will bring us happiness, fulfillment, or whatever it is that we may be striving after. I disagree. Therefore, I strive to live a simple life. This plays out in my love for conservation, my support of environmental-friendly companies like Patagonia, and the things that I invest my time into. Ultimately, Truth, adventure, and simplicity are the contributing factors behind my art piece that was miraculously chosen to inspire others.


Ashley Church

Ashley Church is that of the curious. In her youth, she set the dream to live among every landscape. While her desert, sea and summit daydream has flourished, her dance with overcoming a lifelong battle with eating disorders has reached its pinnacle. With the break up of E.D, sprouted the never ending dish of creativity. Ashley aims to inspire those with and without the struggle of addictions. To be the flame to the campfire that ignites those to pursue their dreams and creative endeavors.