October eCourse: The Path of the Wild Woman


October eCourse: The Path of the Wild Woman


Deep within each of us lives our core, our soul, our wild woman. It’s untouched by our upbringing, by the opinions that hit us daily, by others expectations of us or how others perceive us. It’s our real, pure self. 

During this workshop, you will get acquainted with your wild woman through journaling, creativity prompts, meditations and science. 

Weekly Howls will include...

  • Custom themes that help guide you deeper into the psyche of your wild woman.

  • Inspiration through quotes, poems, art and photography prompts.

  • 1-minute guided meditations.

  • Journal activities to prompt introspection, evolution and renewal.

  • Access to the private Wild Woman community group with guided discussion questions where you can interact and engage with other women in the workshop.

This challenge will begin on October 13th, 2019.

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