February Challenge: Renew Your Inner Fire

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wild woman workshop.jpg

February Challenge: Renew Your Inner Fire


In this 4 week challenge beginning February 3rd, you'll be given weekly guidance, inspiration and prompts to renew your inner fire, establish your 2019 intentions and feel empowered and grounded - right to your inbox. We will host a 30 minute kick off call and 30 minute mid-point call to help you prepare and navigate the weekly meditations, prompts and answer any questions.

Weekly Howls will include...

  • Prompts that will help you stay focused and set realistic goals each week of the challenge.

  • Astrology reports to help you tune in deeper with current influences and transits.

  • Journal questions and/or art prompts.

  • A nourishing recipe.

  • Inspiration through quotes, poems and photography.

  • Work-out challenge.

  • 10 min inner Howl meditation.

  • Opt-in daily reminders to keep you focused on completing each week of the challenge.

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What Women Are Saying about the Wild Woman Challenges:

“I enjoyed the journal and art prompts. They were great in getting me thinking deep about who I am, how I can improve, and how to move forward.”

“The workshop really makes you look within yourself and helped clear my mind to answer some difficult questions. Things I never thought to ask myself.”

“I liked the journal prompts that made me dig deeper. The meditations were nice, too.”

“I would do this again and again. I have saved all of the weeks questions and have gone over my answers and added things as I continue to grow.”